French Moderns, 1850–1950

16 December 2023 – 12 May 2024


Exhibition organized by Brooklyn Museum

Already a protagonist on the Italian cultural and artistic stage, once again Palazzo Zabarella is playing a leading role in the international dialogue with institutions of the greatest caliber. The first in a long series of collaboration with world-renowned institutions that will materialize over time in exclusive events, Palazzo Zabarella starts with Brooklyn!

Founded in 1823 as the Brooklyn Apprentices' Library Association, the Brooklyn Museum in New York boasts a permanent collection of one hundred forty thousand objects (from Egyptian to contemporary art).

It is the second largest art museum building in New York and one of the largest in the United States. In addition, it is considered a pioneer among American collection institutions and recognized as one of the main depositories of French modernism in North America.

From DECEMBER 2023, the spotlight will be turned on French modernism with the exhibition "Da MONET s MATISSE. French Moderns, 1850–1950” with 59 works from the extraordinary European collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

An authentic event with two members of the New York museum's talented staff as curators: Lisa Small, Senior Curator Senior of European Art, and Richard Aste, former Curator of European Art, Brooklyn Museum, who selected the painting and sculpture masterpieces on display from the museum's collection.

“Da MONET a MATISSE. French Moderns, 1850–1950", describes one of the most fascinating centuries in the history of art, when artists moved away from academic artistic tradition to focus on subjects of everyday life. But that's not all. It also celebrates France as an artistic center of international modernism from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

Great names and great works on display starting with Monet and Cézanne, and continuing with Léger, Morisot, Renoir, Degas, Matisse, Courbet, Corot, Rodin and Chagall...