It's possible to access the exhibition in compliance with the health and safety measures provided for by Italian Government legislation 


To guarantee interpersonal distancing, the entrances limited. 

Visitors with reservations have priority. It is therefore advisable to purchase the ticket online in advance.

The visit is regulated by a system of time slots, therefore we do not guarantee entry to those arriving late.

The exhibition itinerary is one-way (it is not possible to go back), due to access restrictions duration of the visit is about 90 minutes. 

Thanks to the kind visitors for their cooperation. 

The visit is allowed only by adopting the following security measures: 

- assessment of the body temperature of all visitors before entry: visitors with a body temperature above 37.5 ° C cannot enter; 

- obligation to wear a mask (covering the mouth and nose correctly) for the entire stay at Palazzo Zabarella; 

- obligation to sanitize the hands with a special disinfectant before entering Palazzo Zabarella; 

- obligation to maintain a safety distance (1 meter) between one visitor and another and to avoid crowds; 

- The use of the lift is allowed only to people with disabilities and their accompanying person. 

The cloakroom service is suspended. It is not allowed to introduce suitcases, bulky bags, backpacks, strollers, motorcycle helmets, food and / or drinks into the exhibition sales.