Room air sanitization and audioguide

To guarantee the visitor maximum hygiene, all the exhibition areas are equipped with Jonix devices for sanitizing the air, the fan coils themselves and audio guides. Each device fights viruses, bacteria, molds and odors thanks to NTP (Non Thermal Plasma) technology, an advanced ionization process considered the safest and most effective for air decontamination. The headsets of the audio guides undergo a quick sanitization after each use. The result is zero batteries in just 5 minutes. The University of Padua, Department of Molecular Medicine, has tested Jonix's NTP technology against SARS-CoV-2 with striking results in the field of experimentation: after only 30 minutes of exposure of the Jonix CUBE sanitizers to SARS -CoV-2 a reduction of the viral load equal to 99.9% has been seen. This was stated in the study conducted by the team of prof. Andrea Crisanti. For more information: Anti-Covid Regulations19