l’Impressionismo di Zandomeneghi


1 ottobre 2016 – 29 gennaio 2017


Federico Zandomeneghi (Venice 1842 – Paris 1917) had in his veins. Beyond his natural talent and great character, he preferred painting to the family tradition that would have drawn him more toward sculpture. His grandfather Luigi had been close friend of Canova and his father Pietro had made the great monument to Titian in the Frari Basilica in Venice. As a young patriot, he left his own city – now liberated from Austrian ruling and reattached to Italy – to go to Paris where he became the protagonist, along with other two fellow countrymen who like De Nittis and Boldini easily fitted in that extraordinary factory of modernity, of the so-called “painting of modern life. ” Like Impressionists Degas and Renoir, with whom he had an extraordinary relationship, Zandomeneghi was special interpreter of women’s emancipation, represented within her daily life, the rituals punctuated by precise rules such as dressing routines, walking at the Bois, reading, conversation, theatre. Through his unique style and refined use of the pastel technique he was able to fix facial features in time, as well as gestures and atmospheres, creating an imagery of Parisian women, which still seems very current. Of Paris, its streets, boulevards, cafes, theatres, he managed to make a forever lasting impression of the atmosphere at a unique time, becoming one of the greatest interpreters of the charm of the Belle Époque. The exhibition, with approximately one hundred works, aims to cover the very beginning, when the deep bond with Florence and the Macchiaioli revolution, strengthened by ‘privileged friendship with Diego Martelli, an extraordinary career that has seen him witness the shift from committed naturalism with paintings of social remonstration, to a type of painting that interpreted the innovations of Impressionism in a very personal way. Through oil paintings and pastels, most of them unknown to the public, taken from great museums (such as the Brera, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Palazzo Pitti and Galleria d’Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi ) and from the most exclusive private collections, it will finally be possible to discover a real talent and an artistic personality that so far has not been adequately known and valued.


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