Foundation’s Activities

Fondazione Bano is a multipurpose cultural centre and a dynamic laboratory for studies and research which promotes activities not only for local contest. Committed to the promotion, protection and improvement of artistic and cultural heritage, Fondazione Bano supports, organizes and promotes important activities for art and culture. Art exhibitions. Fondazione Bano plans and realizes every year international art exhibition dedicated to the rediscovery and promotion of Italian movements and artists of nineteenth and twentieth century. These scientific expositions are the final moment of long and rigorous studies and researches conducted by the most important expert on art. The synergy with local authorities, as the Soprintendenza, and with institutions and the close working relationships with the most important museums and private collectors around the world have permitted to bring to Palazzo Zabarella a lot of precious artistic works.

The beginning of Fondazione Bano’s artistic activities, which was documented during these years by catalogs and publications realized by the most important expert on art, is the first retrospective dedicated to the French painter Maurice Utrillo in 1997. Since then Palazzo Zabarella hosts art exposition of great value and quality which join beauty and scientific research.

Le mostre precedenti.

Economic support for the restoration of artistic works. Fondazione Bano supports the restoration of artistic works which require preservation, restoration or recovery. This mutual support activity usually takes place during art exhibitions with the cooperation between Fondazione Bano and the most important private collectors and museums which collaborate with the Foundation.

Alcune opere restaurate.

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Palazzo Zabarella. Palazzo Zabarella was returned to the city in its renewed aspect in the nineties after an important archeological campaign of excavation which recovered one of the most important sites in Veneto and after a long and complex activity of restoration. As historical memory and artistic symbol not only of our region but for the cultural national heritage, Palazzo Zabarella is today a prestigious cultural center devoted to art and culture. In this fragile balance between history and modernity Fondazione Bano is daily involved on the improvement, support and preservation of the building.

Storia di Palazzo Zabarella

Jole Veneziani Archive. This project, aimed at preservation and conservation of the artistic memory of the fashion designer Jole Veneziani, takes place in 2007. All the material from the historic atelier of the famous fashion designer, acquired in the eighties by the fashion businessman Federico Bano, was catalogued by Fondazione Bano. With over 15.000 items, including clothing, textiles, drawings, photographs and accessories, the Archive Jole Veneziani is still subject to investigations. Training for young people. Fondazione Bano believes that education of youth is one of the best investment for the future of a nation. With the intention, also, to provide new job opportunities the Foundation collaborates with the University by realizing internship for students and researchers from Italian universities.

Support to research. As a big cultural laboratory Fondazione Bano believes and funds research by supporting studies on Italian artistic culture of nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This research is the first step for the organization of art exhibition which is the final moment of long and rigorous studies conducted by the most important expert on art.