The Foundation

Fondazione Bano was founded with the specific intention to make real the involvement of Federico Bano on artistic and cultural activities.

This project becomes reality with the purchasing and the renovation of Palazzo Zabarella an historical building designed to host a multipurpose cultural centre devoted to art, studies and research.

The choices that direct Fondazione Bano’s projects and activities aim to spectacular and scientific quality of events and to the creation , on the basis of different experiences, a specific observatory that investigates the most important facts and figures on the international art – contemporary culture.

With the first retrospective dedicated to the French painter Maurice Utrillo, the activity of Fondazione Bano begin in 1997.

tre muse

Ever since the Foundation every year proposes art exhibitions dedicated to Italian movements and artists of nineteenth and twentieth century; these art exhibitions art studied to give to the visitors high quality cultural proposals that combine beauty and scientific studies: from Balla to Hayez, Caravaggio and Bernini, Mengs and Picasso, “I Macchiaioli” and Boldini, De Chirico, Signorini, “da Canova a Modigliani”, and “il Simbolismo in Italia”. For all these events Fondazione Bano works closely with local authorities as the Soprintendenza and the most important museums and private collectors in the word by establishing strong relationships which permit to bring every year to Palazzo Zabarella precious and rare works.

The artistic activity of Fondazione Bano was documented in these years by books and catalogues realized by world renown experts on art and it has been definitively identified with the successful image of Palazzo Zabarella. This important goal puts Fondazione Bano at the same level of the most important cultural institutions of the word and offers to Padua, at the same time, a place able to communicate and collaborate with urban realities in order to realize a new system for exchange and reciprocity that could place the city inside the circuit of national culture.

For artistic and cultural choices Fondazione Bano has assigned to the direction of Professor Fernando Mazzocca and to the cultural and scientific advice of prestigious expert on art as Paolo Baldacci, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Francesco Leone, Steffi Roettgen, Carlo Sisi, Ettore Spalletti, Guy Tosatto and many others.

As authoritative reference point for national and international arts Fondazione Bano wants to be a protagonist not only on his country but also wants to be the crux of a cultural and productive system where culture and its resources are the main engine.