Joan Miró – Materiality and Metamorphosis

Personnage ètoile 1978
©-Fundação de Serralves, Porto
©-Successió Miró by-SIAE 2018

From Saturday 10 March to Sunday 22 July 2018

85 paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages and tapestries, from the extraordinary Catalan master’s collection of works owned by the Portuguese State.

To document, in a spectacular way, six decades of the artistic history of Joan Miró, from 1924 to 1981.

Miró, in the exploration of materiality, was perhaps equaled only by Paul Klee. Certainly, like few others, he knew how to widen the boundaries of the artistic production techniques of his century.

In his art he was able to express all the senses, from sight to touch, with a dazzling creativity. As shown by this incredible sequence of works.